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About Us

World Culture Radio is an open genre internet radio station that is specifically designed for independent artists.

Our mission is to help independent artists earn an income from their music by providing a platform to develop, produce, market and brand themselves and their music. For our listeners, we offer a variety of original music that would otherwise not available on mainstream platforms. Additionally, we provide an opportunity for listeners to be a part of the development and success of their favorite independent artist. Combining the artists’ passion to succeed with the support of listeners and the platform World Culture Radio provides, I believe that together, we can achieve these goals.

Message for Independent Artists

Hello, my name is William Townsend, and welcome to the World Culture Radio website and blog.

I have been a professional musician for more than twenty years. I am an arranger, composer and a vocal coach. Like you, my goal was to share my music and become successful. I achieved a small level of success, sharing my music locally; however, I wanted more. After becoming frustrated about my failed efforts to distribute my music beyond my local, I began wondering if my music was as good as I believed. I wondered whether or not .I was really cut out for this industry, finally giving up hope of ever seeing the success I truly wanted. My set of circumstances may be different from yours; but, I believe that my goals were the same goals you have today—share my music and creativity with as many people as possible and earn an income.

Trying to establish a career in the mainstream music industry is discouraging, expensive and nearly impossible. Only a small percent of new artist successfully enters into the music industry. Without industry connections, actually getting an A&R representative to listen to your demo is a lost cause. All of the effort you used to produce your best work lies on a desk alongside a mountain of other demos, forever waiting for that representative to listen—and it does not happen. Trying to get mainstream radio air time for your music is very hard to do, unless you have a relationship with the local radio personality who is willing to place their career on the line for you. All you want is a shot—someone to hear your music. Frustration sets in and the consideration to try another approach or maybe even give up crosses your mind, just to ease yourself of the continued cycle of uncertainty and rejection.

Fortunately, the internet has opened up avenues for artists to share their creativity. There are many websites that offer you an avenue to sale your music and ultimately break through industry barriers; however, many do not satisfy. Of the websites that do deliver, the results are minimal at best, unless you already have a huge following and you are well known. Other websites are only there to profit from you by selling you products and services that only benefit their bottom line, in the end, leaving you frustrated. Another problem with those websites is that the user has to find you among the mainstream and other independent artist offerings. If users have not heard of you or don’t know who you are, you still may not be found and may be distracted by the presence of mainstream artists. Your prospective audience should not have to search through a website’s saturated list of artists, on the off chance that they may come across your music. You should be clearly visible so that your audience can quickly locate you. The way to solve that issue is to expose you and your music on our station. Your music is good; the problem is that you don’t have the exposure the mainstream industry provides. Familiarizing your prospective audience with you and your music, positions you for maximum exposure. The way to achieve this is through internet radio.

I believe that our internet radio station, World Culture Radio solves this problem. Yes, there are many internet radio stations, a great number of them air weekly, only for few hours or, the station is on a loop, playing only the materials in the station owner’s repertoire, never really harnessing the full power of what internet radio can be. That is what World Culture Radio will do. World Culture Radio will be a 24-hour radio station that will offer you, the artist, a platform to play your music to an audience on a consistent basis, while helping you develop your career, market and brand yourself and your music, and expose you to an audience in order to generate music sales and ultimately, earn a living from your creativity and hard work, by familiarizing you and your music with a listening audience. World Culture Radio exists solely to serve you as an independent artist.

Combining elements of a record label with the power and reach of internet radio, World Culture Radio will provide products and services that assist and prepare you, the artist, for the next level in your career. We understand the issues you face, and we want to develop a community of support, while building a new industry specifically designed for independent artists—and together, we can achieve this. This radio station and website are here to provide the opportunity that the mainstream industry cannot seem to provide. We believe that artists who are passionate about their craft have an audience eager for you to make your presence known. We believe that you deserve the opportunity to share your craft and develop your audience and fan base. Please understand that this radio station and website are not a fast track to riches. If that’s is your goal, we ask that you seek other avenues, as quick riches are not what we’re about. There will be a lot of hard work required; but as an artist, we are certain that you are no stranger to hard work. Whatever your success level with World Culture Radio is, it will be determined by your creativity, your music, your hard work, and the support from your new found audience and fan base.

Although the majority of our discussion here has been focused on independent artists, equally important to us is the culture aspect of our mission. Our goal is to develop a global unity by exploring cultures and their mechanics, to better understand each culture’s dynamics. We aspire to promote social unity and we would like for this new and developing industry to be the catalyst for a worldwide phenomenon that encourages kindness towards one another and foster diversity in human relationships, and by example, be the leaders of this charge.

We appreciate your interest in World Culture Radio, and we are pleased to have shared some of our vision for the station, website and the world with you. We know that your time is valuable and could be spent doing something else, and we do not take that for granted.

We offer you our heartfelt thanks.

William Townsend

President and CEO

World Culture Radio, LLC